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Lantern: Caverns of Chaos

Our first title! v0.0.2-PreAlpha has been released on December 9th, 2022!
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* Press button to download, unzip file anywhere, and then run: install.exe

  • General Changes/Additions:
  • Added a visible timer to the lantern
  • Reduced the maximum time limit from 5 to 4 minutes and the time restored by a flame from 60 to 45 seconds
  • Reduced the difficulty of the second trial
  • Added UI scale and window mode options to options menu
  • UI now scales well with screen size
  • Added a message in the crafting window about researching items to unlock recipes
  • Added a popup message for the first time that the player can descend
  • Added a version number in the main menu/options menu
  • Added an indicator for buttons that need to be held down
  • Added Saplink Game Studios splash screen
  • 'Tab' and 'I' can now also be used to access the inventory
  • 'Escape' can now be used to close any open inventories, without opening the options menu
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed issues with shift-clicked items moving into inventories that are no longer open
  • Fixed enemies/projectiles still moving while the game should be paused
  • Fixed strange gathering of objects in the bottom of the treasure rooms
  • Fixed alchemy station recipes not loading correctly
  • Fixed issues with the Archer's Bracer and Warrior's Gauntlets stacking infinitely
  • Fixed interaction between Ember Potion and Sparkstep Boots causing infinite stacking damage
  • Fixed shade drain particles remaining after the player escapes
  • Fixed certain potions' effects lingering if the player escapes
  • Fixed the alchemy station UI ingredients being in the wrong place
  • Fixed multiple of the same type of potion buff stacking
  • Fixed being able to dash through walls at the right angle
  • Fixed the wrong rewards being offered in treasure rooms
  • Fixed items remaining in the research table when it is closed
  • Fixed being able to interact with items on the hotbar when the inventory is closed

While exploring an ancient temple, a hooded figure stumbles upon a mysterious lantern.

A powerful magical artifact, the lantern allows them to travel into an otherworldly cavern filled with both precious ores and dangerous monsters. They must use their limited time to collect resources and bring them back to the temple, where they can be used to craft new and better gear.

Delve further into the caves to find more riches and face greater peril. Fight a wide variety of creatures, solve puzzles, explore new environments, and do battle with fierce anomalies.

All with the goal of going deeper. And deeper. And deeper.

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